Latest Work

Here is some of the latest stuff I've worked on, both for clients or playing around on my own.

About Me

I'm Jon Doble and I'm a Graphic Designer.

I got into graphic design thanks to Papyrus Software's NASCAR Racing 2 video game, which was released in 1996 when I was 11 years old. The game featured a "paint shop" which let you create your own paint schemes (or liveries, if you are so inclined) for race cars. It didn't take too long before I was spending more time in the paint shop than actually racing.

Knowing that I had that interest in graphic design, my Mom got me my first freelance gig. A friend of hers owned a business and wanted a gift certificate designed, except she didn't have a digital file of the logo which meant I had to recreate it. And I did. Pixel-by-pixel with the only tool I had at the time: Microsoft Paint.

Since then I've worked for a non-profit, a newspaper, a small printing company and I currently work as a designer and print manager for a financial services company. When I'm not working on my day job I can be found chasing my three year old and two dogs, stealing time with my wife, and taking on freelance projects that stretch my knowledge and experience.